A Kid Company

Professional surfers or skaters? Nope, not even close. Fashion designers? Not. Business moguls? Well not just yet.  These guys are just two brothers, Merritt, age 6 and Ethan, age 9, who came up with the awesome idea to celebrate ordinary kids and adults doing extraordinary things.  Soon after, they worked to develop a line of board apparel to help share their message.  Of course, we all love watching the pros rip and shred, but the boys also wanted to cheer on the  everyday rider who is out being his or her best every day.  To them, being crepic isn't a about being the best, it's about being one's own best, whether riding a first wave or a thousandth.
From the initial trademark meetings, to product design sessions, to manufacturing their line, the boys teamed up with industry leaders and advisors and have personally been involved in every step of the process.  Through hard work, support from those who believed in them, and a bit of luck, they made CREPIC happen. 
Of course, everyone always asks how they came up with CREPIC.  Well it started in the summer of 2017 when the boys were out surfing. Merritt paddled out into one of the biggest sets of his life but got absolutely pummeled.  When he finally got back to the beach, he looked at his brother Ethan and exclaimed, "that was crazy," followed by, "but epic!" Then with a smile the length of a longboard he added, "actually bro, that was CREPIC!"  The rest is history!
Launched in 2017, the CREPIC story is just getting stated. Hope to see you out there.   #Livecrepic.  
"We knew that two kids launching a brand would be crazy....but epic.  Yep, you know it, it was crepic!"
                                                                                         -- Ethan, Co-Founder


"Running a company is hard when you are a kid, but fun...but maybe surfing is more fun...hmmm, maybe the company is more fun.  It's a tough choice."                                                                                
                                                                                          -- Merritt, Co-Founder